The Sensex up by 130 points, Nifty crosses 8200. Gold, silver prices down by Rs 800 and 1,300.


The Sensex up by 130 points, Nifty crosses 8200.

The first intraday trading session of the week in the US and Asian markets due to strong buy signals from the share market has reached the upper levels of the day trading. The 30-share BSE index Sensex up by 130 points to 26 795 and the 50-share NSE index Nifty up by 40 points to 8201 is reached.

Buying in banking and auto sector

NSE except media and FMCG indices continued to rise in the sector index. Banking is up 0.50% to set  17602 and  Metal Index is up 2.5%  to set 2019.

Nifty 40 stocks up

Now Indian shares market in Nifty 40 stocks out of 50 buying is seeing. Technical analysis chart is seeing that Hindalco, Coal India, Tech Mahindra and Tata Motors stocks is higher by 9%. However, BHEL, ICICI Bank, Maruti is 3%.

Rupee 18 paisa with osteoporosis 67.21 / $ on the open

In the first trading session of the week against the dollar, the Indian rupee weakened 18 paisa to 67.21 open. While, Indian Rupee 14 paisa against the dollar on Friday and closed at 67.03 with a gain.

Gold, silver prices down by Rs 800 and 1,300 respectively, the largest drop for 19 months.

The drop in the international market and the Commodity Market, gold, silver by Rs 800 to Rs 1300 is broken.Gold and silver, the largest weekly decline in 19 months.It is believed in June that the US central bank is the Federal Reserve may raise interest rates.Hence the pressure on gold and silver prices.

Gold, silver Rs 800 to Rs 1300 were affordable

  • Last week, gold prices in the bullion market slipped a half month low of Rs 800 per ten grams to Rs 28850 per ten grams, has arrived.
  • Gold ended 01 November 2014, is the largest decline since the week.
  • However, the silver live price has fallen to Rs 1300. Silver fell to Rs 39,000 per kg has now.
  • This is the third consecutive week of decline in the domestic stock exchange.

Gold in the international market at 3-month low

  • Gold live prices in the international market have come down to 3-month low.
  • Gold prices fell to $ 1206 an ounce in New York said.
  • This is the lowest level since February 22 in gold.
  • In May, the price of gold to $ 90 is broken.

The 8 consecutive gold in the international market


What will be the next week stock market direction?

nifty-liveThe Sensex upped to 1,348 points in three days

In the past three days, the Sensex has climbed to 1,348 points. It is expected that the stock market continuing to fast forward. In the next three months, the benchmark index Sensex could touch the high level of 28200 and Nifty 8350. Experts have pointed out the good rains in June and expected interest rates on the main reason behind this rapid monsoon. Although the European Union could be a negative for the market outside of the UK and global markets, as well as with the decline in the domestic market also can be found on.

Where will the Sensex and Nifty

Technical analysis from 8 to 10 included in polls, has expressed the hope that rapid. Most believe that the level of Sensex 28200 and Nifty may hit 8350 in the next three months. Also, if the Nifty is crucial to support the 7900-7850 decline in the market.

Why will accelerate the market

Market experts say that this time is expected to be good rains in the monsoon intraday trading  session. This will be a good crop and increased production. This will benefit the rural economy, as well as companies associated with the farmers. That is why in the coming time may show a rapid Sensex and Nifty. On June 7, the RBI is likely to decrease in the interest rates of 0.25% of the policy. Cheap loans will reduce the burden of debt on companies and would increase in profit.

These are the concerns for the market

The report said that the global brokerage house Goldman Sachs analyst, including the home, the City and the Bank of America Merrill Lynch is the most time in front of the current equity market. With this growing threat to the UK from outside the European Union. In addition, if there is an increase in Federal Reserve interest rates in June, the American central bank, it may lead to a decline in the pace of global equity markets.

NSE Nifty update, gold and silver increased.

The Sensex up by 210 points and the Nifty 62,

The last intraday trading session of the week in the US and Asian markets in the Indian shares market despite dull signs coincided with the opening of the boom. The 30-share BSE index Sensex up by 210 points to 26569 and the 50-share NSE index Nifty up by 62 points to reach 8132.


All sector buying zone in the Indian share market

Buying in the market due to all-round on the NSE is trading in the green with the sector index. Pharma, Bank Nifty and metal index is higher by 2% boom. Also, the realty index has reached 2 %, to Rs 184.


Nifty 42 stocks boom

NSE’s benchmark index Nifty 42 stocks out of 50 buying trend is seeing also technical chart showing buying trend for intraday trading. BPCL 5%, Sun Pharma 4%, Lupin up 3.5% and SBI 2%.


What is positive for the market?

  • US crude inventories from declining crude prices in the global market increasingly positive impact on.
  • Nifty closes above 8000 the support level.
  • SBI earnings are expected to be.


The rupee strongly by 15 paisa to 67.02 / $ on the opening

In the last trading session of the week against the dollar, the Indian rupee with strongly by 15 paisa to 67.02 Open. However, the Indian rupee against the dollar on Thursday with a gain of 16 paisa to close at 67.17 was.


Increase in gold and silver live prices

  • After six-week low, on Thursday, gold gone up by Rs. 25 and become 29225 Rs per ten grams. Silver live prices also eased by Rs 150 to Rs 39600 per kg.
  • Increased commodity market and rapidly buy jewellery makers, so gold flash. The industrial sector and increased buying stamps makers got the silver benefits.
  • The gold market rose 0.8 percent to 1234.36 dollars an ounce in Singapore. 99.9 per cent of the capital and 99.5 per cent purity gold prices, Increased Rs 25 each, become Rs 29225 and Rs 29075 per 10 grams, respectively. Earlier, there were two sessions; gold live prises fell by Rs 450. Eight grams of gold prices continued to Rs 23000.

Today’s Gold, Silver, Crude Oil and Nifty Live Market

commodity-stock-marketGold close to the bottom level of a month, crude oil prices continued to decrease

By the Federal Reserve in the price of gold due to fears of a rise in rates in June is down pressure. Early in the commodity market, gold trading is close to the lower levels of business a month. International spot gold live market has reached the level of 0.1 per cent drop to $ 1247 per ounce. Monday was the access to the gold of $ 1,242 per ounce, which was the lowest level since April 28 of gold. On the domestic MCX market, gold is trading at 0.04 per cent down at Rs 29680 per ten gram level. With gold and silver continued to decline in prices. In early trade and silver live price was traded at the level of Rs 39,648 per kg, with a decline of 0.49 %.


The pressure in crude oil live prices, as well as the gold is found. After the decision to increase the prices of crude supply from Iran have been found by pressure. Brent crude oil was trading at a level of 0.46 % to 48.13 dollars per barrel in early trading. There, WTI crude fell 0.42% to 47.88 dollars per barrel has dropped to the level of. While crude oil in the domestic commodity market at the level of 0.85 % of the turnover is down to 3254 rupees per barrel.


The Sensex opened 30 points at 25257 and Nifty rose 20 points to 7738

The beginnings of the stock market on Tuesday, despite negative signals from the US and Asian markets have met with little faster. BSE Sensex index of 30 leading shares rose 30 points on the 25257, and the NSE Nifty index of 50 leading shares is open to 20 points to 7738.

Sensex up 50 points at 25538, Nifty increased 20 points to open at 7838

nifty-live.jpgAmerican and Asian markets in the first intraday trading session of the week on the back of the signals received from the beginning of the domestic stock market has been rapidly. The BSE 30-share Sensex index increased 50 points to 25538 and the 50-share NSE index Nifty live increased 20 points to 7838 is open.

Auto and pharma stocks buying
NSE auto, FMCG, pharma market by buying stocks is to find support. NSE’s auto index has reached the level of 8200 increased half a percent. However, media and pharma index surged to a per cent.

Nifty 36 stocks boom
36 out of 50 stocks of Nifty trend is to get increasingly. Dr Reddy, Adani Ports, Tata Motors and ITC has increased to 2.5 per cent. 36 out of 50 stocks of Nifty trend is to get increasingly. Dr Reddy, Adani Ports, Tata Motors and ITC has increased to 2.5 percent. The sharp down in stocks of public sector banks. SBI, Bank of Baroda, Bharti Airtel, HUL, Bajaj Auto is down 5 percent.

13 paisa with weakness of the 66.90 / $ at the open
In the first trading session of the week against the dollar in currency market, the Indian rupee weakened by 13 paisa to 66.90 open. While, the Indian rupee by 15 paisa against the dollar on Friday with weakness had closed at 66.77.

In the country, 39% of the reduced demand for gold, these factors include Jewellers’ strike

3d gold bars and coins on white

In the first three months of 2016 (January-March) in the country, 39% of the demand for gold has been reduced to 116.5 tonnes. According to the report of the World Gold Council (WGC), gold demand in the global stock market has grown by 21%. During this period, the purchase of gold in terms of investment increased by 122% has been recorded. According to the report, Due to the negative interest rates in Japan and Europe, and a decrease in the value of China’s Yuan, the first choice for people to invest in gold.

Why a reduced demand in India
1) Due to continuously rising prices in the domestic market, recorded a decrease in the demand for gold. While in the first quarter, lasted nearly 43 days of the strike Jewellers.
2) Compared to last year, gold live prices continue to remain increased. On an annual basis, the prices have grown by close to 6,000 rupees. This courses consumer demand is low

Demand grew the most in the United States
According to the report of the WGC, in the US, more than 22% of the demand for gold has increased. However, demand fell 19% in China. While jewellery demand is also reduced to 17% drop to 179 tonnes in China

Gold import reduced to 10%
Due to the declining sales of gold in the domestic market, 10% of the decline in gold import in 2015-16 was recorded in India. The 950 tonnes of gold import in the country during this period, while in 2014-15 import was 1,050 tonnes of gold.

The surge in investment demand
Because of the rapid increase in investment demand for gold is rising. During the January-March quarter of people who have invested heavily in gold. Gold has been a surge of 122% of the investments. During this time, nearly 617 tons of gold has been an investment. It was the first 363 tons of gold in the first quarter of the year 2009 of the investment.

Why the increased demand
According to the report of the World Gold Council, China’s economy to falter due to the negative interest rates recorded a decline in the value of Yuan. Because of the increasing trend of people investing in gold. During this period, the demand for gold coins has also been recorded, an increase of 1%. During this time, nearly 254 tons of gold coins is that consumption.

The central bank bought 109 tons of gold
The demand for gold is increasing important role of the central bank. The central bank has purchased 109 tons of gold in the first quarter of 2016, nearly. There during the boom in the supply of gold has also been recorded on an annual basis of 5%. Around 1134 tonnes of gold have been supplied during the January-March quarter.

Sensex Nifty 66 points to 250 and rolled, banking and metal stocks down

BANK-NIFTYThe last trading session of the week in negative signals from the US and Asian stock markets, the domestic market is seeing a sharp decline. The BSE 30-share Sensex index fell 250 points to 2556 and the 50-share NSE index Nifty fell 66 points to 7834’s. Today’s business is all sector indices are trading in red. On technical charts also show down trend in Indian share market.

The sharp fall in banking and metal…

– On the NSE, banking and metal index is seeing a sharp goes down.

– The bank Nifty has a level of  16,734 .

– The Auto index has dropped more than one percent.

– 1.5 per cent while the metal index is seeing.

Top 5 losers on the Nifty…

– Nifty 44 stocks out of 50 are seeing a sharp decline.

– While 6 stocks that are traded on the green.

– Stocks fell the most in today Eicher Motors, Dr Reddy’s, ICICI Bank, Bharti Airtel, HUL is included.

– These stocks have tumbled 1.5 per cent to 4 per cent.

Top 5 gainers on the Nifty …

– Top 5 most gains with Nifty traded stocks HCL Tech, Tata Motors, Adani Ports, the Idea and BPCL.

– Half of all these stocks have surged 1.5 %.

Monsoon results :

India has expressed good monsoon rain in the weather forecast department after the market boom appears; opinion has been expressed by Bonanza’s Puneet kinara. Also, due to approved Bankruptcy bill, stock market and banks will benefit from it. Although the banks have more time for real reform in the public sector banks in the private sector have expressed their will to be increasingly emphasized.

What is the technical analysis software?



In Indian share market, technical analysis is the best technique of trading, analysing statistics generated by market.

There are two methods of Stock analysing: –

  1. Fundamental analysis :- Its old analysing study using stock market – profit and loss statements, balance sheet etc.

  2. Technical analysis: – Now this methods very popular in current market its work very nice to take right time entry in market and exist.

This increase the use of technical charts and other tools to identify the past prise and future activities, volume etc. It believes the past performance of stocks and markets future performance. It is very easy to understand the market entry and exits. Using technical chart get clear indications of bullish, bearish and sideways market.

Why we use technical analysis software?

  1. Tools used in decision making – get knowledge which tools are used in your decision making

  2. Trailing stop loss – you get proper stop loss & trailing stop loss time to time

  3. Historical study– you can see previous history and levels of stock on the graph.

  4. Costing – one time & less cost

  5. Dependency – no dependency whenever you are free you can open software and see current market situation

The highest increase in two years, Gold 30350 per ten grams, Silver prices also increase

gold-technical-analysisThe price of gold on the results of the economic suspicions in global Stock Markets is having registered an increase in prices for gold over the past few months. Approaching the highest level in two years, gold bullion market in New Delhi on Saturday were sold at 30350 per ten grams. Earlier, the level had reached ten grams to Rs 30.350 per gold on 10 May 2014.

Experts said due to increased world market price and demand in functions like wedding of the domestic market, it has grown in gold prices. Gold rose by Rs 225 to Rs Delhi bullion market gold prices on Saturday were sold at the rate of 30.350 per ten gram. On Monday (May 9) due to aksayyatrtiya, this day is a large demand for gold jewelery. The day is considered auspicious to buy gold. The experts emphasized that the demand is likely to rise and the price of gold rose.

US employment figures were released for lack of growth is expected in the market meltdown was found. This has led to low interest rates on behalf of the Federal Reserve to increase the impact of the investment gold. Increased investment in gold has been reported to increase the price of gold.


Like gold, silver has reported an increase in prices. The domestic market grew by Rs 510, silver was sold at Rs 41550 kg. Silver prices also registered a growth of 0.75% in the global market. Expert said that the increase in prices was recorded growth in industrial demand for silver.

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The Sensex 128 and Nifty 40 points falling constantly 3rd day also


Because of weak signals from markets, the Indian Share Market recorded turn down on Wednesday. The BSE Sensex was down 128 points at the level of the market, ended the 25102, while the Nifty of the National Stock market closed at the level of 7706.

National Stock Exchange Midcap and Smallcap recorded a decline. The metal Pharma and Auto index was seen falling to two per cent, while the increased purchase of stocks in the relevant field of protection was found the day’s transactions. Therefore, IT and Farma index close with the 0.25% increase with the level of 10954 and 11178, respectively.

In Nifty the main index of National stock exchange, 31 stocks decline out of 50 stocks. Adani, Tata Motors, Hindalco and Zee Entertainment are the top 5 stock of Nifty fall down. In all stock 6 to 12 % decline recoded.

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