Stock trading technical analysis software for Easy Live Trade

Sensex down 317 points and Nifty 96 down.

 In Tuesday intraday trading on stock trading markets under pressure is seeing. As per technical analysis software the BSE benchmark index sensex down by 317 points to open 26502 and Nifty technical chart 77 points down on 8219. NSE pharma and PSU Bank Index has continued to decline in all except the index. 2.50 per cent to 0.40 per cent of the pharmaceutical sector and PSU Bank Index is trading. Index media index falling 2.50 per cent, 2.75 per cent, BSE Auto Index, Realty index by 3 per cent, the FMCG index by 0.75 per cent to 1.50 per cent and the IT index is trading.

The rupee 37 paisa to open 67.62 per dollar.

In Tuesday’s currency market session, the rupee strong by 37 paisa to 67.62 Open. However, Friday’s session, the Indian rupee against the US dollar in 62 paisa to close at 67.25 took place.


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